Testing and Screening

STE International partners with several independent test labs which allow us to offer a broad spectrum of value added testing services.  Our value added testing and screening capabilities are frequently used to ensure only quality tested products are distributed.  Common uses include:
  • Obsolescence of mil spec devices
  • Customer drawing requirements specify selected parameters
  • Re-screening requirements
  • Concern over influx of counterfeit parts from China
List of Testing Processes and Services provided.  STE International also conducts specific vendor requested testing procedures, services and reporting.
  • Group A & B
  • Basic Electrical
  • Burn in
  • Bond Pull and Die Shear
  • Full blown MIL screening or re-screening to JANTX and 883 Level*
  • Steam Aging and Solderability Test Stations
  • Solder Tinning & Lead Cleaning
  • PIND (Particle Impact Noise Detection)
  • Constant Acceleration (Centrifuge)
  • Marking and Resistance to Solvent Test
  • Optical Microscope Systems for Internal Visual Inspection (Failure Analysis)-SEM
  • Hermeticity Seal Detection (Fine and Gross)
  • Pressurization System for Gross (Fluorocarbon) and Fine (Helium)
  • Leak Detection
*Note: All screening of semiconductors to military specifications is performed at a DSCC- VQC NILL-STD 883 certified lab. In addition to semiconductors we also offer testing on relays for their basic electrical performance and cable assemblies to ensure continuity, insulation resistance, and dielectric breakdown.